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"Vanessa was a pleasure to deal with, and she got on my wavelength very quickly, and seemed to know exactly what I wanted. The end results were stunning and were much admired." Sue Beck
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From Vanessa:
"I love designing both modern and traditional wedding flowers, and have lots of ideas to help get you started. I'm keen to work with brides to make sure you get your dream flowers within your budget - no matter how big or small!"

Here at Love Wedding Flowers we’re OBSESSED with Pinterest and have a board especially dedicated to all things Wedding. Here’s our top 10 pins this week:

Gorgeous vows

Reception light ideas

Graduated colour for the tables

Sweet thank you card for your guests

A heart shaped photograph

Fabric draping for chair backs

A novel idea - match your underskirt to your bridesmaids dresses!

A beautiful photograph

One of the great things about being a wedding florist is that no 2 jobs are the same, sometimes I help to create someone’s vision from scratch, other times brides have a very clear idea of what they want.
Courtesy of Lily Sawyer Photography

Karolina was the later and knew from the start she wanted a pretty vintage theme, with soft pink peonies for her bridal bouquet and a pastel colour scheme for the reception. She was super organised – had ribbon swatches as a colour guide, sourced her own vintage crockery for the tables, and above all was just super sweet and an absolute dream to work with.

She chose Sweet Avalanche pale pink roses for the buttonholes, and the 2 sweet flower girls had pomanders and hair circlets of soft pink chrysanthemums
Courtesy of Lily Sawyer Photography
Karolina & James were married in a gorgeous little church in Twickenham London. The aisles were quite narrow so we decorated them with a simple pink rose and ribbon.
Courtesy of Lily Saywer Photography
When I’m creating flowers for a wedding, I’m constantly thinking about the bride and what she’s told me in our conversations together; how she envisions her bridal bouquet to be, what her style is like, trying to keep it all in the forefront of my mind when I’m designing.
So the greatest reward for me on this wedding was presenting Karolina with her bouquet and seeing the joy on her face; her eyes welled up and she said it was exactly how she had imagined it. I couldn’t ask for better job satisfaction, and I even felt a bit tearful myself! Precious moments.
The Photographer Lily Sawyer was amazing and captured the most beautiful shots of the details.
Courtesy of Lily Sawyer Photography
Karolina decided on hurricane lamps for the tables to create a romantic atmosphere; they were so pretty and really suited her vintage theme and the gorgeous crockery she’d gathered.
We used a pastel palette of spring flowers, including soft pink & apricot roses, cream freesia, and pink hyacinth, tulips, lisianthus and rannunculus
I’m not normally a ‘pink person’, but I found the colours for this wedding absolutely captivating. I had made the table arrangements and everything was complete, but I kept coming back to look at them as I just couldn’t get enough of the pretty colour combinations.
Which are your favourite flowers from this wedding? I’d love to hear!

Here at Love Wedding Flowers we completed our first wedding of the spring last weekend, and we’ve been intoxicated with the delicious scents of spring flowers since!

Cecilia and JJ’s wedding was a dream to work on; they’ve been together for 10 years but are still quite young and are very much in love, and I got caught up in their romance from the first day I met them.
I had a really clear idea of what they wanted from the very start, and the white and cream spring flowers opened exactly on schedule – every florists dream!
Here’s a selection of photos of the bridal party flowers –

Cream & white spring corsage featuring Akito roses, cream freesia, white hyacinth, rosemary and green button crysanthemums

Mothers cream & white spring corsages

White Akito rose buttonhole with rosemary and ivy leaves

Bridesmaids posies of fresh white hyacinths

Spring hyacinths smell divine!

Bridal bouquet in cream, white and green with garden greenery

Bridal bouquet featuring hyacinth, freesia, tulips, ranunculus, roses, hypericum, eucalyptus and rosemary

These are a fabulous idea for all you DIY brides out there!

DIY String Chandeliers

These beautiful string chandeliers would look positively ethereal hung above your tables. they look very impressive but are actually super easy to make.

Use them above a low flower centrepiece, something simple and uncluttered would compliment them nicely. Maybe a small posy of romantic white flowers, or a few small bud vases holding tulips and freesia.

My crafty sister made these at Christmas to hang above the dining table, so you can keep using them after the date for decoration around your house.

Learn how to make them over at –

Simple white lilies in red ceramic vase

Having flowers around the house is often seen as a luxury, but you can create some really simple displays with just a few stems and using interesting vases and glassware.

Last weekend we had friends out from London to stay for the weekend, so I took the opportunity to fill the house with fresh flowers.

Over the years I’ve amassed a huge array of vases, and I really think that simple flowers in the right vase can have the most impact. And there’s nothing I love more than a living room filled with the smell of lilies!

To utilize the recently bought bar (we had an empty space in the living room to fill, honest!) we planned on making Mojito’s, so I displayed the mint and limes in glass bowls on a side table.

Rose and Tulip table arrangement

For the dining table I made a simple arrangement of red roses and tulips – the colour scheme in our living room is red and grey, so they added a nice pop of colour with the yellow and orange tulip tones.

The 6 bud vases on each side are actually joined together as one vase – a great little bargain I found on sale for 75p each!!

Orange and yellow tulips

Did you know that tulips keep growing after you’ve cut them? You’ll find they grow taller and taller when placed in a vase, so keep this in mind when arranging… I usually like them best on their own to grow as tall as they like without throwing my arrangement off kilter!

Bud vases of red roses and striped tulips

Yellow rose bud vase

I love flowers most when they’re allowed to shine on their own – sometimes placing multiple bud vases around your home can have more impact than a complicated arrangement or bouquet.

Mixed rose and lily bouquet

And lucky me – our fabulous guests bought with them this gorgeous bunch of mixed roses with lilies, fern and bear grass.

Can’t wait for the lilies to open – lucky I’m not allergic with them all over the house!

Happy New Year everyone!

After a nice extended blogging break over Christmas, I thought I’d start the New Year off with a creative one.

These flowers were for a wedding I did in November last year; just the bridal party flowers so a nice small one. It was my first wedding since moving to Berkshire,so I’m enjoying getting to know my new suppliers with their fabulous stock and clear, precise ordering systems. I can even order online (which is great for a super-organised florist like me!) and they have a fantastic range of flowers with full access to the Dutch markets.

Although, as hectic as it could be, I do miss the hustle and bustle of the Covent Garden Flower Market!

(Particularly my favourite supplier Jeff, who was always a happy smiling face on those super-early mornings!)

The bridesmaids bouquets featured purple lisianthus and bouvardia, which complemented the brides bouquet beautifully

The ivory buttonholes were so elegant, my favourite corsage of 2011!

And the men’s buttonholes a gorgeous white Akito Rose

The bridal bouquet was a sublime mix of Akito roses, cream spray roses, white calla lilies and hypericum berries.

Perfect for a winter wedding!

I love the way the bouvardia in the bridesmaids posies echoes the shape of the hypericum berries in the bridal bouquet, and the purple lisianthus complemented the colour scheme beautifully.

As we’ve been working away on our gorgeous summer weddings, (well it’s mean’t to be summer, but hey ho) I’ve developed a new found love for Hydrangea’s. Well actually it’s a completely new love, as during my years as a florist in New Zealand I hated the things. They were always associated in my mind with Grannys and paper doilies, certainly not the flower a young, hip young florist would want to use.

It seems I’m not the only one who had an aversion, as when I was ordering the flowers for our second July wedding, I came across a slight resistance from my wholesaler who declared “I hate the sodding things! They’ve got a mind of their own.”  Hydrangeas take water in through their petals as well as their stems, so you have to remember to spray them with water and give them a good dunking if looking a bit sad.  It seems Jeff has also had the experience to find one has packed up and whithered for no apparent reason!

But you can’t deny the beauty of these gorgeous pink hydrangeas that we used for Malkit’s wedding, they just looked absolutely stunning on their own in a simple bubble vase.

In it’s place on the top table, I would have loved to see it after dark with the tealight flickering away… the pink rose petals really set it off too, you can’t go wrong with rose petals if your looking to soften a table and create a romantic edge!

When we finished the wedding I had a few stems leftover, so I created this sweet little posy of the pink hydrangea with light purple ‘Ocean Song’ roses. Not normally one for pastels, I really loved having this on the coffee table, watching the roses bloom over the following days.

A great way to create a striking modern look for your tables is with imaginative use of vases. You can use vases of varying heights with one type of flower to create a contemporary look like the arrangement below. Here they have used Bells of Ireland, Hydrangeas, Sweet Pea and Dahlias; the use of colour and the round flower heads keeps it soft and interesting.
This next display is something, shall we say, unique – they’ve used goldfish bowls and each includes an actual goldfish! The bowls are half full with a few Orchid heads are floating on the surface, I would recommend a little more water than this (to be kind to the goldfish), but you could take this idea and use a larger round bowl, place stones in the bottom and float your favourite flower on top.
Don’t forget though that the fish will need homes afterwards! You might like to keep them as pets as you start your new life together, or you could always approach your local pet centre to see if they would allow you to “rent ” some fish for the day ….
A fun idea for those with a sense of humour, not to mention a great conversation starter for your guests!
These next ideas show how easy it is to create stunning arrangements with just a few simple stems. Using stones and coloured pebbles can add drama if you have a definite colour theme, alternatively just a few simple stems – like the apricot roses on the left – can look really elegant.
There are some fantastic vase wholesalers around with some really great designs, I can also source vases to order if you have something in mind… anything is possible! Visit our Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

Love Wedding Flowers is now selling Bridal Jewellery!

After so many conversations with my Brides discussing the perils of not being able to find decent jewellery, I’ve now taken the step to sell a gorgeous selection of affordable jewellery on my website.

I know for most women the jewellery is an afterthought: so much effort is put into finding “The Dress” that you can be left panicking that you’ve forgotten the finishing touches. The jewellery you wear should, in a way, be an afterthought, it’s there to complement your gown and bouquet, not to be the centre of attention.

I’m sure you’ll agree the selection of jewellery I’ve decided to sell will do just that – they are beautiful pieces, but are not too overbearing to detract from the overall look of your dress. And buying online cuts out the hassle of trawling the high street at the last minute!

Athena Pearl Earrings £25

Watch this space for hair accessories – coming soon

In the lead up to your big day, the chaos of organising can sometimes take over and we forget why we are doing it in the first place – because you have found your one true love!

The days just before or just after your wedding are the perfect time to remind your partner how much you love and appreciate them. If budget allows I highly recommend organising a photoshoot; either on your own (a month or so before) so you can present your new husband with a sexy new shot, or organise a romantic one together where you can go as husband and wife. And don’t be shy! These are the things we regret not doing as we get older and gravity takes hold…

Here’s a few websites to start investigating –  (although prices vary greatly so do your homework!)

A more budget-friendly idea is to gather all the special photographs of the two of you together – when you first started dating, your first holiday together, etc etc – and present them to him in a way he would really appreciate. A photo album is an easy and obvious one, but you can also make poster size images, get a video put together, get them printed on some underwear, or even on cupcakes! The possibilities these days are endless – only you will know if he prefers something sentimental or cheeky, and there are some great websites out there with endless options for printed gifts.

Here’s a selection to get the ideas flowing! –